About Mutian

Mutian Sciences, Inc. was founded in 2018 as a biotech company specializing in the development and production of veterinary medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. Mutian is committed to researching and integrating cutting-edge medical technology and commercializing it for eventual application to treat challenging diseases in animal medicine. The company strives to provide new products that are safe, effective, extend life expectancy, improve quality of life, or completely cure diseases.

Mutian and its subsidiaries have established four innovation centers and pre-development departments (pRED)worldwide (New York, Tokyo, London, and Shanghai) and two GMP manufacturing workshops (Jinan, China, and Manchester, UK) since the company’s inception. Mutian employs approximately 650 full-time or cooperative employees in 35 countries worldwide.

Mutian's China branch and GMP production workshop have temporarily ceased operations due to patent concerns with the Xraphconn drug and Chinese mainland laws. We have chosen to either suspend or permanently close our China branch and GMP production workshop to better align ourselves with the global health development goals.

As a result, Mutian has decided to relocate its production center to other countries. We expect a relaunch in the North American and European markets in the second half of 2023.

This year, Mutian will introduce three new pharmaceutical products to treat challenging conditions in veterinary medicine: FCGS, CKD, FIV/ FeLV.

We sincerely apologize to doctors and researchers affected by this event. Mutian will continue to maintain contact with numerous doctors, scholars, and researchers. Mutian also pledges to support animal protection and rescue organizations worldwide, build partnerships, and fulfill our significant responsibilities to society.